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Starting with 3.0.0 version, SharpDX assemblies are compiled into two profiles:

  • .NET 4.5+ for Desktop App.
  • PCL .NET 4.6+ for Store Apps, CoreCLR or PCL libraries.

Note that depending on the compilation profile, some DirectX APIs are not available (see section Supported DirectX APIs per platform for more details)

Binary assemblies are distributed in two forms:

  1. Nuget: Simply browse the SharpDX component you want to using the menu Manage Nuget Packages and nuget will resolve all the assembly dependencies automatically
    • Depending on the type of your project (Desktop, StoreApps, or PCL lib), Nuget will automatically select the correct version (.NET 4.5 or PCL .NET 4.6+)
    • Thanks to nuget, dependencies between assemblies are automatically resolved
  2. Zip: Download the zip/self-extract SharpDX-SDK-x.y.z.exe archive attached to a each x.y.z release from the releases page. You need to add the correct assemblies and dependencies to your project manually. The archive contains
    • a Bin\Desktop folder with assemblies for .NET 4.5+ Desktop Apps
    • a Bin\StoreApp folder with assemblies for PCL .NET 4.6+

Supported DirectX APIs per platform

The following table described which DirectX API is accessible on each platform:

DirectX API Desktop Store - UWP - PCL
Direct3D9 Yes -
Direct3D10.x Yes1 -
Direct3D11.x Yes Yes
Direct3D12.x Yes Yes
D3DCompiler Yes Yes
Direct2D1.x Yes Yes
DirectWrite.x Yes Yes
DirectComposition Yes -
DirectManipulation Yes -
DXGI1.x Yes Yes
XAudio2 Yes Yes
MediaFoundation Yes Yes*
DirectInput Yes -
DirectSound Yes -
RawInput Yes -
XInput Yes Yes
XAct3 Yes1 -
WIC Yes Yes

1 Available only on previous 2.6.3 release