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XAudio2 API

This page is automatically generated from the assembly documentation.

It provides links between managed types and methods in the SharpDX.XAudio2 assembly and the original documentation of the XAudio2 API on MSDN.

XAudio2 is a low-level audio API that provides signal processing and mixing foundation for developing high performance audio engines for games.


Managed Native
BufferFlags XAUDIO2_BUFFER_FLAGS<p>XAudio2 constants that specify default parameters, maximum values, and flags.</p>
DeviceRole XAUDIO2_DEVICE_ROLE<p>Device role, only valid for XAudio27.</p>
FilterType XAUDIO2_FILTER_TYPE<p>Indicates the filter type.</p>
LogType XAUDIO2_LOG_TYPE<p>No documentation.</p>
PlayFlags XAUDIO2_PLAY_FLAGS<p>Stops consumption of audio by the current voice.</p>
ProcessorSpecifier XAUDIO2_WINDOWS_PROCESSOR_SPECIFIER<p>No documentation.</p>
VoiceFlags XAUDIO2_VOICE_FLAGS<p>Creates and configures a source voice.</p>
VoiceSendFlags XAUDIO2_VOICE_SEND_FLAGS<p>Defines a destination voice that is the target of a send from another voice and specifies whether a filter should be used.</p>
XAudio2Flags XAUDIO2_FLAGS<p>XAudio2 constants that specify default parameters, maximum values, and flags.</p>


Managed Native
AudioBuffer XAUDIO2_BUFFER<p>Represents an audio data buffer, used with .</p>
DebugConfiguration XAUDIO2_DEBUG_CONFIGURATION<p>Contains the new global debug configuration for XAudio2.</p>
DeviceDetails XAUDIO2_DEVICE_DETAILS<p>Details of the device, only valid for XAudio27.</p>
EffectDescriptor XAUDIO2_EFFECT_DESCRIPTOR<p>Contains information about an XAPO for use in an effect chain.</p>
FilterParameters XAUDIO2_FILTER_PARAMETERS<p>Defines filter parameters for a source voice.</p>
MasteringVoice IXAudio2MasteringVoice<p>A mastering voice is used to represent the audio output device.</p>
PerformanceData XAUDIO2_PERFORMANCE_DATA<p>Contains performance information.</p>
SourceVoice IXAudio2SourceVoice<p>Use a source voice to submit audio data to the XAudio2 processing pipeline.</p>
SubmixVoice IXAudio2SubmixVoice<p>A submix voice is used primarily for performance improvements and effects processing.</p>
Voice IXAudio2Voice<p>Sets the filter parameters on one of this voice’s sends.</p>
VoiceCallback IXAudio2VoiceCallback<p>The interface contains methods that notify the client when certain events happen in a given .</p>
VoiceDetails XAUDIO2_VOICE_DETAILS<p>Contains information about the creation flags, input channels, and sample rate of a voice.</p>
VoiceSendDescriptor XAUDIO2_SEND_DESCRIPTOR<p>Defines a destination voice that is the target of a send from another voice and specifies whether a filter should be used.</p>
VoiceState XAUDIO2_VOICE_STATE<p>Returns the voice’s current state and cursor position data.</p>


Managed Native
XAudio2<ul><li>CommitChanges</li><li>CommitChanges</li><li>DeviceCount</li><li>GetDeviceDetails</li><li>PerformanceData</li><li>SetDebugConfiguration</li><li>StartEngine</li><li>StopEngine</li></ul> IXAudio2<ul><li>CommitChanges</li><li>???</li><li>GetDeviceCount</li><li>???</li><li>GetPerformanceData</li><li>SetDebugConfiguration</li><li>StartEngine</li><li>StopEngine</li></ul><p> is the interface for the XAudio2 object that manages all audio engine states, the audio processing thread, the voice graph, and so forth.</p>