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X3DAudio API

This page is automatically generated from the assembly documentation.

It provides links between managed types and methods in the SharpDX.XAudio2 assembly and the original documentation of the X3DAudio API on MSDN.

X3DAudio is an API used in conjunction with XAudio2 to create the illusion of a sound coming from a point in 3D space.


Managed Native
CalculateFlags X3DAudioCalculateFlags<p>No documentation.</p>


Managed Native
Cone X3DAUDIO_CONE<p>Specifies directionality for a single-channel non-LFE emitter by scaling DSP behavior with respect to the emitter’s orientation.</p>
CurvePoint X3DAUDIO_DISTANCE_CURVE_POINT<p>Defines a DSP setting at a given normalized distance.</p>
DspSettings X3DAUDIO_DSP_SETTINGS<p>Receives the results from a call to X3DAudioCalculate.</p>
Emitter X3DAUDIO_EMITTER<p>Defines a single-point or multiple-point 3D audio source that is used with an arbitrary number of sound channels.</p>
Listener X3DAUDIO_LISTENER<p>Defines a point of 3D audio reception.</p>


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