Release Notes (2012-09-28)

General Information

  • New release of SharpDX 2.3.0.
  • This version is compatible with Windows 8 RTM and Visual Studio 2012 RTM.
  • New target assemblies released : Signed-net40, Signed-winrt. Nuget packages are now providing signed assemblies.
  • *Lots* of small enhancements, changes, bug fixes. See complete listing below.
  • SharpDX.Toolkit, a high level XNA like API for Direct3D11 is under heavy development. The toolkit is not yet part of the distribution but a Beta version should be released by the end of October. Currently implemented:
    • Friendly constructors for all resources (states, textures, rendertargets, buffers).
    • Image and Texture loading & saving for various formats (DDS, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF).
    • A full HLSL Effect / FX system, very similar to legacy FX system, using efficiently Direct3D11, compatible with Windows Desktop and Windows 8 Modern, with a custom compilers. All XNA stock effects (BasicEffect, DualTextureEffect...etc.) were successfully ported to it. The toolkit is coming with its own effect compiler (tkfxc) similar to standard fxc.exe.
  • Concerning support for Windows Phone 8 (WP8) nothing to announce yet until the official release of the WP8 SDK.

Changes and Fixes

The following listing is automatically generated from commit logs.


  • API Breaking changes: Old Color struct was BGRA (1st byte Blue, 2nd byte Green...etc.). It is now RGBA (for consistency with Color3/4). There is a new ColorBGRA struct (used mainly by Direct3D9). Move stock Colors to Color struct. Change mapping D3DCOLOR to SharpDX.ColorBGRA. (changes)
  • Remove return SharpDX.Result for all methods that are already checking the result. (changes)


  • Add new configuration for net40. Update all csproj (except Samples/*.csproj). Update build to support new binaries (Standard-net40, Signed-net40), update nuget specs with n40 target. Change all public key for signed assemblies, as the private key was lost. (changes)
  • Fix app manifest/certificates for Win8 and build (changes)
  • Fix build for Win8 with latest changes in handling SharpDX.Result (changes)
  • Fix compilation errors (changes)
  • Fix compilation under Win8 (changes)
  • Fix invalid references in SharpDX.sln (changes)
  • Fix issue with SharpDoc file copy (changes)
  • Fix nuget and documentation build steps (changes)
  • Fix nuget package to use only signed assemblies (changes)
  • Regenerate public keys as I lost the original private key for signed assemblies (idiot) (changes)


  • Add all samples to the solution. It is no longer possible to compile Win8Metro targets under VS2011, unless you remove all Win8 samples. (changes)


  • Fix issue while marshaling Message in InfoQueue.GetMessage() method (changes)


  • Add sourceFileName to ShaderBytecode.Preprocess methods (changes)


  • Add ImageEncoder constructor, remove previous ImagingFactor2.CreateImageEncoder method. Tranform WriteFrame methods using value-type for ImageParameters. (changes)
  • Fix issue #218. Flags is setup on all enums D2D1_.*_OPTIONS1? (changes)
  • Fix issue #247 (TableTransfer.Red/Green/Blue/Alpha Table) and issue #248 (Morphology Width, Height) (changes)
  • Fix issue #250. ResourceTexture constructor is now filling correctly native struct. (changes)


  • Fix issue #224. Add Stream to all WIC Encoders. Add Bitmap.New constructors from generics. Fix disposable objects in samples SurfaceImageSourceTarget. (changes)


  • Fix issue on ID3DX10Mesh Intersect.* methods that were not marked as PURE in original header file. (changes)


  • Add ClearUnorderedAccessView method to accept uint value (changes)
  • Add comment for ResourceRegion (changes)
  • Add Default() method to SamplerStateDescription. Fix documentation in SamplerState constructors (changes)
  • Add Device.CheckFeatureXXX specialized methods for new D3D11.1 features (changes)
  • Add fast internal methods and make CommonShaderStage consistent between all stages. (changes)
  • Add SetUnorderedAccessViews simplified method for OutputMergerStage (changes)
  • All Texture constructors now accept DataBox as native methods. (changes)
  • DeviceContext.UpdateSubresource accept region with typed data (changes)
  • Fix DeviceContext documentation (changes)
  • Fix issue #257 ClearUnorderedAccessView values are Vector4 or Int4 (and not int or float!!!) (changes)
  • Fix issue with ID3D11Debug constructor. Rename Debug to DeviceDebug. (changes)
  • GetCreationFlags should return DeviceCreationFlags (changes)
  • Remove dependencies to D3DCompiler and Effects framework. A new assembly Direct3D11.Effects is created. (changes)
  • Remove usage of generics for Resource.ToFile (changes)


  • Fix isue #240. Add EffectGroup.Description property. (changes)


  • Add constructor for RenderToSurface (changes)
  • Fix Device.SetTransform method to accept Matrix passing by value. (changes)
  • Fix issue #220. Add nullable parameters for Sprite.Draw method (changes)
  • Fix issue #221. Add MeasureText method with rectangle parameter (changes)
  • Fix issue #252. Direct3D.CheckDeviceType return test should be == 0 (changes)
  • Fix issue #253, check for other return values in Query.GetData and throw error if different than Ok/False (changes)
  • Fix issue from forum Add VertexFormatHelper.TexCoordSize() function. (changes)
  • Fix issue with GetFrontBufferData (changes)
  • Fix issue with Query.GetData to return result of operation (changes)
  • Fix switch/case problem in VertexFormatHelper (changes)


  • Fix bug in FontFile.ReferenceKey property (changes)
  • Fix issue #227. Add TextFormat.SetTrimming method. (changes)
  • Fix issue #241. Remove throwing exceptions and try/catch from TextLayout methods. (changes)


  • Add NamespaceDoc for SharpDX.Serialization and SharpDX.Text (changes)


  • Add ToString method for SampleDescription (changes)
  • Better "performance" for FormatHelper.SizeOfInBits method. Fix size for all BC.* formats. (changes)
  • Improve FormatHelper "performance". (changes)


  • Add MediaEngine support. MediaPlayer still need some refactoring (changes)
  • Add MiniCubeVideoTexture sample for Windows 8 Metro (changes)
  • Work on MediaEngine, MediaPlayer is almost done (changes)


  • CommonDX.SurfaceImageSourceTarget, Add ToDispose (changes)
  • Fix compilation errors (changes)
  • Fix issue #235. Release Backbuffer before resize. (changes)
  • Fix issue #237. Add opacity flag to CommonDX.SurfaceImageSourceTarget (changes)
  • Fix MediaPlayer to be compatible with DeviceManager init process (changes)
  • Fix uv mapping for CubeTexture samples (changes)
  • Remove invalid assembly references (changes)


  • Fix issue #219. Add "" around path for fxc build event in order to support spaces in directory (changes)
  • Force all Win8 Modern samples to run under Direct3D11 feature level 9.1 (changes)


  • Fix inlined IL code replacement using the generic parameter from the current operand. (changes)
  • Remove hardcoded "C:\Program Files(x86)....etc." and replace it by using Environement (changes)
  • Use NET 4.0 client profile in order to run it fine on Windows 8 without 3.5 installed (changes)


  • Fix bug when running from a subdirectory (changes)


  • Fix ArgumentNullException when passing assemblies directly on the command line. (changes)


  • Add builtin support for IDataSerializable for all SharpDX types. (changes)
  • Add cast operator between SharpDX.Rectangle(F) and SharpDX.DrawingRectangle(F) (changes)
  • Add DisposableCollection and ComponentBase. (changes)
  • Add DynamicSerializerAttribute to basic types. (changes)
  • Add float constructors to Half vectors and implicit/explicit convertors with VectorX (changes)
  • Add implicit conversion for DrawingPointF <-> Vector2 (changes)
  • Add SharpDX.Bool for windows BOOL type (using 4 bytes) - instead of performing in-place conversion with bool (changes)
  • Add SharpDX.Color 32-bit structure. (changes)
  • Add support for Enum serialization in SharpDX.Serialization (changes)
  • Add support for NativeFileStream.Flush (changes)
  • Add support for serializing identity objects to SharpDX.Serialization (optional). Add tests for dynamics and identity. (changes)
  • Add Utilities.AllocateMemory supporting 16 byte aligned (changes)
  • Add Utilities.CompareMemory method (changes)
  • Add Utility.Compare methods (changes)
  • Add void* constructor to DataPointer (changes)
  • ComStreamProxy return 0 from read when delegate stream is returning zero, in order to avoid infinite loop (changes)
  • Finalize SharpDX.Serialization, add unit tests. (changes)
  • Fix bug in DataStream/DataBuffer.Create<T> and add support for pin/unpin + index offset. (changes)
  • Fix bug in method Utilities.CompareMemory (changes)
  • Fix bug in NativeFile.FlushFileBuffers (changes)
  • Fix bug in Utilities.AllocateMemory (changes)
  • Fix compilation error on Win8 (changes)
  • Fix compilation error with Rectangle bouuu (changes)
  • Fix compilation on Win8 for Serialization (changes)
  • Fix compiling issue on Win8 with Serialization. (changes)
  • Fix issue #222. Add ToString methods to Drawing.* structures (changes)
  • Fix issue #239. Replace checked by unchecked keyword. (changes)
  • Fix issue #243. Rename ShaderResourceViewDimension.TextureCubeArray (changes)
  • Fix issue #244. Breaking change for SharpDX.Color. Create SharpDX.ColorBGRA. Update SharpGen mapping to D3DCOLOR to ColorBGRA. Update Color and ColorBGRA for consistency. Remove implicit convertor from Color4 to Color. (changes)
  • Fix issue #254. Add * multiply opreator for Vector2/3/4. (changes)
  • Fix issue #255 & 237. Add Matrix3x2 operators, scaling, rotation...etc. (changes)
  • Fix memory alloc bug in ComArray (changes)
  • Improve performance Interop.SizeOf/Read/Write for a single T struct value. This may not be compatible with current version of Mono (changes)
  • Make DataBuffer inherit from Component (changes)
  • Remove Vector4 unused code (changes)
  • Start to add Serialization framework (changes)
  • Use aligned memory for ComArray (changes)


  • Add support for packed int (used for count). Delayed Reader/Writer initialization based on Mode. Add object[], List<object> serializers. Switchback to AllowNull, AllowIdentity properties instead of methods. Update Tests. (changes)


  • Fix TestResultDescriptor (changes)


  • Add support to change the return type of a method (changes)
  • Add support to force by-value for pointers to value-type parameters with sizeof > 16 bytes. (changes)
  • Fix issue #211. X3DAudio is using cdecl instead of stdcall. Add support for cdecl in SharpGen. (changes)
  • Fix issue #246. Test for optional parameter before MarshalFree (changes)
  • Fix problem with partially Windows SDK installed by checking the existence of the include directory. (changes)
  • Update MSDN doc from VS2010 RTM (changes)


  • Remove unused files from project (changes)
  • Simplify using ConsoleProgram (changes)


  • New project SharpDX.Toolkit to store common classes shared by all SharpDX.Toolkit.* assemblies. (changes)


  • Add support for identifier with namespace (Toolkit::VS for example) in fx file. (changes)


  • 1st version of Effect framework. (changes)
  • Add a first sample MiniTri using Toolkit.Graphics. (changes)
  • Add all XNA stock effects (AlphaTestEffect, BasicEffect, DualTextureEffect, EnvironmentMapEffect, SkinnedEffect, SpriteEffect). (changes)
  • Add BlendState (changes)
  • Add BlendState, DepthStencilState, RasterizerState. (changes)
  • Add Buffer.Typed constructors. (changes)
  • Add Buffer<T> type. Rename VertexBufferLayout into VertexInputLayout and VertexBufferSlot into VertexBufferLayout (changes)
  • Add coments for Buffer.Raw/Structured (changes)
  • Add comments, refactor removing generic in inheritance (changes)
  • Add default effect group to GraphicsDevice. Add simplified constructors for all Stock Effects to use the default effect group. (changes)
  • Add DepthStencilBuffer (changes)
  • Add direct access to FeaturesPerFormat using an indexer on the GraphicsDeviceFeatures structure. (changes)
  • Add EffectParameter.GetValue and GetResource methods. (changes)
  • Add GraphicsAdapter class. (changes)
  • Add GraphicsDevice to all constructors. (changes)
  • Add GraphicsDevice.Viewport and GetViewport(index) method. (changes)
  • Add GraphicsDeviceFeatures to GraphicsDevice. (changes)
  • Add GraphicsInterval to GraphicsPresenter. Add Present method to both GraphicsPresenter and GraphicsDevice. (changes)
  • Add GraphicsPresenter frontend to DXGI.SwapChain (changes)
  • Add load DDS method (changes)
  • Add pluggable Image Load/Save through register method (changes)
  • Add PrimitiveType to all Draw methods. Add SetIndexBuffer / SetVertexBuffers methods. (changes)
  • Add RenderTarget, ShaderResource and UnorderedAccess view selectors on Texture. Fix GraphicsDevice.SetContent for textures. Change name in GraphicsDeviceFeatures (changes)
  • Add RenderTarget3D. Add support for correct initial textures for all versions Texture1D,2D,3D (changes)
  • Add SamplerState object with default states. (changes)
  • Add several methods from DeviceContext (ClearState, Flush, Draw, Dispatch... etc.) (changes)
  • Add some comments (changes)
  • Add support for additional bindings in Buffer.Raw constructors (changes)
  • Add support for all Buffers (Constant, Index, Vertex, Structured, StructuredAppend, StructuredCounter, Raw, RenderTarget) (changes)
  • Add support for Buffer.GetData/SetData with offsetInBytes handling (changes)
  • Add support for case insensitive semantic declaration. (changes)
  • Add support for dynamic attributes Vector2/3/4 to EffectBytecode (changes)
  • Add support for sub-pass in at runtime (in order to fully support BasicEffect) (changes)
  • Add support TextureCube, RenderTargetCube. Refactor Texture1/2/3D and RenderTarget1/2/3D. Improves GraphicsDevice.GetData/SetData for textures. (changes)
  • Add support to save DDS image. Tests completed for DDS. (changes)
  • Add tests for DDS loading. (changes)
  • Add Texture.New(Image) and Texture.Load/Save. Saving is not yet working for compressed BC formats. (changes)
  • Add TextureDimension to TextureDescription. (changes)
  • Add TGAHelper, not fully ported. (changes)
  • Add Toolkit Effect compiler and command line compiler (tkfxc) (changes)
  • Add XNA like VertexPosition.* predefined structures (changes)
  • By default, constant buffers are shared within an Effect. (changes)
  • Chance tests for DepthStencilBuffer feature level (changes)
  • Change GetData/SetData to GetContent/SetContent (changes)
  • Change TextureDescription to use PixelFormat (changes)
  • DDS Texture loading working. Tests are still incomplete. (changes)
  • Finalize PixelBuffer methods and usage from Image. Add Image.ToDataBox method. Fix memory leak for WIC images. Fix performance for DDS. Add TKTX proprietary file format. Add unit tests. (changes)
  • First fully working version with MiniTri using BasicEffect! \o/ (changes)
  • Fix bug in DDS. Add WIC Load and Save. (changes)
  • Fix bug in GraphicsDevice.GetContent for buffers (changes)
  • Fix comment on BlendState class (changes)
  • Fix comments and add sealed to various Effect classes. (changes)
  • Fix compilation under Win8 (changes)
  • Fix compilation under Win8 Metro (changes)
  • Fix constructors for all RenderTarget1D 2D and 3D (changes)
  • Fix constructors using generics for all Texture. Fix slice selector. Add tests for Texture1D. Fix all resources to use MainDevice instead of current device. (changes)
  • Fix databox checking for all textures (changes)
  • Fix doc (changes)
  • Fix documentation for BlendState, DepthStencilState, RasterizerState (changes)
  • Fix GraphicsDevice.GetContent and SetContent. Add MipMapDescription class. Fix Texture.Load and Texture.Save, now fully working and pass tests. \o/ (changes)
  • Fix handling of Blend/DepthStencil/Rasterizer states at the effect level. Rename GraphicsDevice.Get/SetContent to GetData/SetData and move them to Buffer/Texture. (changes)
  • Fix image.Dispose for DDS loading (changes)
  • Fix issue in EffectPass when comparing parameters. Fix compiler issue with 9.1/9.2/9.3 profile (changes)
  • Fix memory leak in Texture.Load and Save. Improves tests for texture loading/saving, check memory and GC. (changes)
  • Fix memory leak in WIC. Fix handling of compressed BC textures (changes)
  • Fix project configuration (changes)
  • Fix Texture1DBase.InitializeViews. Add implicit cast to DXGI.Surface for Texture1D and Texture2D (changes)
  • Fix Texture2D GetData/SetData for arbitrary struct (changes)
  • Fix type in Buffer.Constant (changes)
  • GraphicsDevice add check method to retrieve maxium MSAA count (changes)
  • Improve Constant buffer handling in Effect. (changes)
  • Improves methods coherence between Texture1D/2D and RenderTarget1D/2D (changes)
  • Make all effect constant buffers not shared by default (in order to keep compatibility with XNA effects). (changes)
  • Make constant buffers not shareable by default. Include generated bytecode for StockEffects into the project. Update tkfxc to support generating C# code with embedded effect bytecode. (changes)
  • Move all DeviceContext dependent operations (Copy/GetData/SetData) to GraphicsDevice (changes)
  • Moves ToStaging in TextureDescription (changes)
  • Provide GetData/SetData method with DataPointer parameter (changes)
  • Remove Effect from group when it is disposed. (changes)
  • Remove GraphicsDeviceContext to keep GraphicsDevice simple (changes)
  • Remove GraphicsState and use GraphicsResource for all resources. Update class diagram (changes)
  • Remove IVertexType. Add VertexLayout, VertexDeclaration, VertexElement and attributes. (changes)
  • Rename EffectBytecode to EffectData for future consitency with ModelData. (changes)
  • Rename SelectView to ViewType (changes)
  • Rename ShaderType to EffectShaderType (changes)
  • Rename ViewSlice to SelectView (changes)
  • RenderTarget2D update (changes)
  • Simplify Buffer/Texture GetData/SetData without explicity using a GraphicsDevice instance. (changes)
  • Start to add support for DDS texture loading/saving (changes)
  • Start to port WIC texture loading from DirectXTex (changes)
  • Update class diagram (changes)
  • Update class diagram (changes)
  • UpdateSubresource only valid for ResourceUsage.Default and not immutable (changes)
  • Use count instead of size for Structured and Typed buffers (changes)
  • Use DDSFlags.None instead of ForceDX10Ext (changes)
  • Use of Graphics.CurrentSafe for internal usage for all resource creations. (changes)
  • Work on Texture2D/RenderTarget2D to support Texture arrays, mip levels and multi-samples. (changes)
  • Work on VertexBuffer/VertexBufferLayout declarations, unfinished. (changes)


  • Add support for legacy D3D9 compile expression (VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 VS();). Get translated to vs/ps_4_0_level_9_1 (for 2_0) or level_9_3 (for 3_0) (changes)


  • Add better printer of subpasses. (changes)
  • Improves output listing of tkfxc.exe Effect Compiler, now very similar to legacy fxc.exe (changes)


  • Add SharpGitLog small tools to help building release notes for SharpDX (changes)


  • Add BitmapFrameEncode.WritePixels method to take an array of T[] (changes)
  • Add BitmapSource.CopyPixels method with direct pointer/size (changes)
  • Add missing [Flags] attributes to some enumerations (changes)
  • Add stride to Bitmap.New method (changes)