This is a maintenance release, mainly to support new Windows 8 Release Preview. Starting with 2.2 version, SharpDX for Metro App is only compatible with Windows 8 Release Preview.

Lots of improvements and bug fixes, check the following details:

Core API

  • Fix issue with Reflection.Emit not compatible with Win8 Release Preview. Using Linq.Expressions instead.

Graphics API

Direct3D11 / Direct3D11.1


  • Project started. Not yet available but a MediaPlayer will be available soon for Windows 8 Metro App.


  • Fix bug in ComStreamShadow.Seek, newPosition can be null

Sound API

X3DAudio / XAudio2

  • The project/assembly X3DAudio is removed and is now part of XAudio2. In order to use X3DAudio, you only have to reference XAudio2.

Samples API

  • All samples have been ported to use new Windows 8 RP. Lots of small breaking changes
  • Add property DrawingPosition to CommonDX.SurfaceImageSourceTarget for Win8.
  • Update MiniCube to demonstrate how to handle resize and fullscreen