Last Update: Dec 2012

Class Library Reference

List of namespaces inside this library.

Platforms Name Unmanaged Description
SharpDX The SharpDX namespace contains fundamental classes used by SharpDX. 
SharpDX.D3DCompiler D3DCompiler The SharpDX.D3DCompiler namespace provides managed Direct3D Compiler API. 
SharpDX.DXGI DXGI The SharpDX.DXGI namespace provides a managed DXGI API. 
SharpDX.Design The SharpDX.Design namespace contains design-time converters for all vectors structures. 
SharpDX.Diagnostics The SharpDX.Diagnostics namespace contains classes to help to diagnostic of COM object lifecycles Dispose and Release methods. 
SharpDX.Direct2D1 Direct2D1 The SharpDX.Direct2D1 namespace provides a managed Direct2D API. 
SharpDX.Direct2D1.Effects Direct2D1 Effects The SharpDX.Direct2D1.Effects namespace provides a managed Direct2D1 builtin Effects API. 
SharpDX.Direct3D The SharpDX.Direct3D namespace contains enumerations and structures shared by SharpDX.D3DCompiler, SharpDX.Direct3D10 and SharpDX.Direct3D11 assemblies. 
SharpDX.Direct3D10 Direct3D10 The SharpDX.Direct3D10 namespace provides a managed Direct3D10 API. 
SharpDX.Direct3D11 Direct3D11 The SharpDX.Direct3D11 namespace provides a managed Direct3D11 API. 
SharpDX.Direct3D9 Direct3D9 The SharpDX.Direct3D9 namespace provides a managed Direct3D9 API. 
SharpDX.DirectInput DirectInput The SharpDX.DirectInput namespace provides a managed DirectInput API. 
SharpDX.DirectSound DirectSound The SharpDX.DirectSound namespace provides a managed DirectSound API. 
SharpDX.DirectWrite DirectWrite The SharpDX.DirectWrite namespace provides a managed DirectWrite API. 
SharpDX.IO The SharpDX.IO namespace contains helper classes in replacement of some classes in System.IO useful under Windows 8 Metro. 
SharpDX.MediaFoundation MediaFoundation The SharpDX.MediaFoundation namespace provides a managed MediaFoundation API. 
SharpDX.MediaFoundation.DirectX MediaFoundation The SharpDX.MediaFoundation.DirectX namespace provides a managed MediaFoundation for DirectX integration API. 
SharpDX.MediaFoundation.OPM MediaFoundation The SharpDX.MediaFoundation.OPM namespace provides a managed MediaFoundation for OPM API. 
SharpDX.Multimedia The SharpDX.Multimedia namespace contains common structures and helper classes for audio/video processing. 
SharpDX.RawInput RawInput The SharpDX.RawInput namespace provides a managed RawInput API. 
SharpDX.Serialization The SharpDX.Serialization namespace contains a serialization API. 
SharpDX.Text The SharpDX.Text namespace provides missing ASCIIEncoding for Win8 Modern platform. 
SharpDX.Toolkit The SharpDX.Toolkit namespace provides a high level Game API. 
SharpDX.Toolkit.Content The SharpDX.Toolkit.Content namespace provides classes to handle game content. 
SharpDX.Toolkit.Diagnostics The SharpDX.Toolkit.Diagnostics namespace provides classes to help game diagnostics. 
SharpDX.Toolkit.Graphics The SharpDX.Toolkit.Graphics namespace provides classes to load and save content data for the Graphics API. 
SharpDX.WIC WIC The SharpDX.WIC namespace provides a managed WIC API. 
SharpDX.Win32 The SharpDX.Win32 namespace contains common enumerations, structures and helper classes for Win32 low-level API. 
SharpDX.Windows The SharpDX.Windows namespace contains System.Windows.Forms basic controls used to render DirectX content. 
SharpDX.X3DAudio X3DAudio The SharpDX.X3DAudio namespace provides a managed X3DAudio API. 
SharpDX.XACT3 XACT3 The SharpDX.XACT3 namespace provides a managed XACT3 API. 
SharpDX.XAudio2 XAudio2 The SharpDX.XAudio2 namespace provides a managed XAudio2 API. 
SharpDX.XInput XInput The SharpDX.XInput namespace provides a managed XInput API.