Last Update: Dec 2012

SharpDX Documentation

Disclaimer: This documentation repository is under construction and will be improved with next releases.

The main objective of this documentation is to explain how to use SharpDX managed DirectX API. SharpDX is the result of almost one developer contribution, so this documentation is not intended to replace the whole DirectX SDK documentation or to provide any detailed usage of the DirectX API.

Thus it is highly recommended to leverage on existing DirectX MSDN C++ documentation or on popular DirectX books. As SharpDX is a low-level API and just a thin layer on top of DirectX API, developers need to understand the underlying C++ API in order to use correctly SharpDX. Understanding the C++ API doesn?t mean that you need to be an experienced C++ developer but you should at least understand simple C++/Win32 concepts like pointers, reference counting, COM objects... etc.

For this version, effort has been mainly focused to provide a clean and usable Class Library Reference. You will see that the documentation is providing lots of correspondences and useful links to the original MSDN documentation, allowing you to easily navigate back and forth SharpDX managed API and the native C++ API. Some links are not yet entirely setup, but they will be fixed soon.

As the documentation is going to be progressively constructed, you can already see the expected table of content. If you want to contribute or if you have any suggestion regarding this documentation, feel free to leave a message in the forum.